Datalogic Gryphon I GM4430 2D Wireless Scanner Kit

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The Datalogic Gryphon I GM4430 is a wireless, 2D imaging barcode scanner. The removal of interface wires makes the GM4430 a very flexible device. The powerful scan engine makes it perfect for easy use in many applications, such as retail, inventory, light industrial or even the healthcare sector. This device can read 1D & 2D codes, omnidirectionally and as an added feature can even capture images and documents from monitors. This makes it the optimal scanner for mobile marketing & ticketing applications.

The GM4430 has a 30mtr wireless range from its communication cradle (at a frequency of 433MHz), beyond that range the GM4430 can store up to 1,200 barcodes in its internal memory. As soon as the scanner re-enters range of the communication cradle it automatically transfers the scanned codes. This superb device has a battery powerful enough for up to 60,000 scans. The ergonomic design allows for ease of use in the hand, coupled with a Datalogic’s ‘Green Spot’ technology, a 4 – dot aiming feature that shines a green aiming dot onto the reading surface, plus advance motion tolerance technology Motionix that compensates for movement when reading.

  • Powerful scan engine for all major 1D & 2D codes
  • Wireless communication with a range of 30mtrs
  • Can internally store up to 1,200 codes
  • ‘Green Spot’ Technology and Motionix Technology make for superbly accurate reading, even on the move
  • Battery operation for up to 60,000 scans
  • USB charging and Communication base included in this kit
  • 3yr manufacturers warranty as standard

The patented ‘Green Spot’ feature is a highly visible 4 dot green aiming dot that shows the precise reading zone, thereby eliminating accidental scans. This targeting feature allows you to scan barcodes in tight or cramped conditions where there is a risk of other barcodes accidentally being read. Combined with a noticeable beep the user can confirm a clean read, both visually and acoustically. The GM4430 allows for very efficient reading and increases reading and scanning efficiency.


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