Citizen MediaWinder 115 External Rewind Unit

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For mass production and to further increase productivity Citizen offer a fully automated label rewind unit. The Citizen MediaWinder 115 external rewind unit is the most cost effective and professional way of rewinding your printed labels from your citizen printer.  The external MediaWinder is simply placed in front of the printer. The heavy base ensures stability when in use. The swing arm controlled slip clutch ensures it runs at the right speed for you printer so your labels done get pulled or crinkled when being rewound.

The smooth action, mounted guide plate, swing arm controlled motion and heavy base plate make for a stable and reliable rewind unit that ensure professional results. When combined with a Citizen external roll holder the Citizen MediaWinder 115 turns any Citizen desktop printer into an even more efficient, robust and reliable printing system.

SpecificationsFor Use With...
  • Easy To Use Design
  • Roll Capacity up to 6 Inches / 150mm Outside diameter
  • Media width of up to 4.75 Inches/ 120mm
  • Core size of 38mm – standard for most desktop printers
  • Adjustable torque setting for variable roll tensions
  • Quick and easy setting and loading with clamp
    • CL-S521
    • CL-S621
    • CL-S631
    • CL-S6621
    • CL-S700 Models


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