Zebra Print Head Cleaning Pens 12 Pack

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Pack of 12 Print Head Cleaning Pens

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Keeping the print head of your Zebra thermal label printer clean is vital. Not only to ensure longevity of the print head but also to ensure you continue to produce great quality print with. Printing with thermal ribbons eventually causes build up of ribbon residue on the print head. This can cause the print quality to deteriorate quickly and can even damage the print head.

To prevent this happening you will need to clean the print head relatively often. Print heads are fairly delicate and can not be simply scrubbed with any old cleaner as this can cause even more damage. To ensure your print head is cleaned effectively and safely we recommend using a print head cleaning pen or kit.

The Zebra Print Head Cleaning Pen is specially formulated to clean your Zebra print head with ease. The nib is shaped to ensure easy reach of the print head and soft enough to ensure gentle but effective cleaning. Simply rub the pen nib gently up and down the print head until all the residue has been removed.

This product is sold in a pack of 12 pens.

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