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Security, Asset & Tamper-Evident Labels

Strong and Secure

We manufacture and supply a range of specialist Security, Asset Tracking and Tamper Evident labels. These labels are designed to be the toughest of the tough with unique security features. These labels are used for a range of secure applications such as asset tracking, batch number, serial coding etc. Some materials can be provided plain for on-demand print-your-own applications. All of these products can be provided in full-colour print with a variety of finishes. These labels are manufactured with some of the toughest and strongest materials and adhesives available.

Ultra Destructible Labels

Ultra destructible is exceptionally difficult to remove and impossible to remove in one, or even two pieces. This material flakes into dozens, if not more, of tiny little pieces like chipped paint when attempting removal. The adhesive is very strong making the flecks of labels very hard to remove. This is one of our best and most popular security labels. The face material is a Satin White PVC Premium destructible Vinyl. This material is extremely tough with excellent resistance to chemicals, UV and sunlight, heat, cold and is fully waterproof. This material is designed to be imprinted with thermal transfer and conventional ink printing however thorough testing is strongly recommended. Dependent on individual application requirements there may be limits on size of labels available for manufacture and quotes may be provided with ‘Waste In’.

Void Labels

Void labels are often used as ‘Void If Removed’ security seals on packages, casing, folders etc. The label is constructed of two layers. If an attempt is made to remove the label the top part of the label, the ‘face’, peels away leaving a clear substrate layer containing the word VOID behind. This substrate layer is a highly aggressive acrylic adhesive that is very difficult to remove from most surfaces and almost impossible to remove cleanly from paper and similar surfaces. The face material is a Polyester material, usually with a silver colouring, making this label able to withstand even the toughest environments. These labels are available for on-demand print-your-own labels using our dedicated thermal label printers. We recommend thorough testing of material and adhesive under actual working conditions.

Aluminium Foils

Aluminium foils are exactly that, a label made of a thin layer of aluminium with a very aggressive adhesive on the reverse. These two elements combined make for a label that is one of the strongest self-adhesive labels available to date. The aluminium face material is completely waterproof, impervious to most chemicals, extreme temperatures, prolonged submersion in water and, or ice. The highly aggressive adhesive means these labels can be stuck to virtually any surface in virtually any environment (except water, grease, dirt and air!). We would strongly recommend testing under actual working conditions to ensure suitability.

Heavy Duty Metal Plates

Heavy duty plates are the toughest and strongest labeling product we supply. These are usually produced from aluminium or steel but we can also offer some tough and durable plastic substrates. Our heavy-duty metal plates can be supplied with the strongest adhesives available or with screw or even bolt-holes to make these labels almost impossible to remove.  Our heavy-duty plates are able to withstand some of the toughest environments know to man including fire,  on engines and heavy machinery and in heavy industrial environments.  These labels can only be adhered to flat, even surfaces. We would always recommend the use of either screws or bolts when fixing these products down.

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