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Blockout & Security Labels

Our blockout labels are designed to cover up any print that you do no want, without the print showing through. You could be covering a mistake, rebanding a product or just don’t want a surface colour to bleed through.

They are designed to be printed on using a thermal transfer printer, or we can print full colour print. The thick, navy blue adhesive layer blocks print from bleeding throught. This stops any barcodes being scanned through the label or any unwanted text or image to be seen.

Original Label

Regular label stuck over the top

Blockout label overlaying original label

We offer a range of plain or bespoke printed security labels. Depening on your application, we can produce a simple paper label that be used to a seal box. When the box is opened the label will tear, showing that it has been tampered with. A more extreme version of this is our ultra-destrictible label. This is a synthetic label that tears and cracks very easily, but because the adhesive is stronger than the material itself, the the cracked and broken label stays permanently on the surface, visually showing that the label has been tampered with.

Another option is our “VOID” when removed labels. When applied to a surface, they stay stuck down with a high-tack adheisve. When peeled off, they reveal multiples of the word “VOID” on the label showing that the lable has been tampered with.

The material can be printed on through a thermal transfer printer, or we can print in full colour with you artwork. It does come as matt silver as standard, but can also be supplied as white.

“Void” When Removed


We also have the added option to add an UV detectible invisible ink to your labels. They can be used as part of your design to add a bit of flair, or  adding an invisible security image or text that can only be seen under UV light.

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