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Barcode & QR Labels

In the infancy of South East Labels, one of the main aspects of our business was printing barcodes for customers. We have extensive experience in generating and printing barcodes for a vast number of applications. Barcodes have a huge use throughout any industry. Internal filing, asset tracking, security, shipping and courier, stock checking, product barcoding and many more.
Our system allows us to generate barcodes and QR codes from the numbers / text that you provide us.
We offer serialised and sequential numbering, along with printing direct from database spreadsheets for variable information required in each label.
Please note that if you are products going into the retail market, you will need to have pre-registered barcode numbers and use particular barcode types. This is a simple process that we can talk you through.


If you were looking to printing your own barcode labels, we talk you through labels, printers and software, which will allow you to generate your own barcodes.

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