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Freezer & Cryogenic Labels

As well as producing freezer labels, that are serviceable as low as -40°c, we also offer a fully cyrogenic suitable label, capable of temperatures of -196°c.

Our freezer labels are supplied across a broad range of materials, from our thermal direct and thermal transfer papers, as well as sythetic materials. This would include polypropylene, polyester polyethylene and more. If you had a particular application and were unsure of what materials to use, click on our contact us page, and we would be more than happy to go through options, and also send you free of charge samples for you to test in actual working conditions.

Our standard paper permanent labels are designed for low level-freezer use, and are specified for -20°c. If you are unsure what would be more suitable, let us know and again, we can send you samples of either option to test.

For the more extreme conditions, we offer our cryogenic polyester labels. These offer solutions both ends of the scale by going down to -196°c and up to +120°c. The material is full print receptive for thermal transfer printing.

One of the main applications we see from exitsing customers is for use in a laboratory or pharmaceutical setting. The high perforamance acrylic adhesive exhibits high initial tack and adheision for a wide range of subtrates, such as treated platiscs as well as glass. The label as a whole is is suitable for exposure to liquid nitrogen, making a great option for vial storage.



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