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Plain Paper Labels

We manufacture our plain labels using only the best materials, tried and tested throughout the years. They are designed to print by either thermal direct or thermal transfer printing methods, giving excellent quality of print.

We offer a wide range of adhesives, from non-residue book peelable labels, up to deep freeze applications. This includes our standard permanent adhesive, which is classified as high-tack and is serviceable from -30 °C up to +80 °C.

All of our paper materials are ethically sourced and certified through forestry management organisations.


We have variations across our paper stock, including vellum, semi-gloss, transfer premium, thermal direct and top coat thermal direct. We can order speciality papers from our paper manufacturers, if you were looking to achieve a specific goal with your labels.

We produce all of our plain labels in house and offer an ever-growing range of sizes. We also stock a range of our most popular sizes of permanent thermal transfer and thermal direct labels. These are produced to fit into either desktop or industrial sized printers.


Stock Labels on Rolls

Stock Labels on Rolls


When producing a bespoke labels, we produce it to the size, the number of labels on a roll and core size that you require. If you don’t know how many labels on a roll your printer holds, we use our roll diameter calculator to work this out, and can produce the largest roll to fit into your printer. This will save in down-time as you will spend less time changing less rolls over and complete your job sooner.

Contact our advisors for more information, including quotations on bespoke sizes or questions on applications.