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Metal Labels

With our metal labels, we can supply various thicknesses over our range of aluminium, stainless steel and brass. Each material can be supplied with rivet / screw holes, adhesive, a combination of the two, or with nothing on the reverse at all. They are cut to your dimensions and offer square or rounded corners.

They can all be printed in full colour, with options for etching on both stainless steel and brass.

We offer a range of different adhesives depending on what strength you would require. We have a standard permanent, which works well in the majority of cases, but should you require anything more aggressive, we have that option as well. This includes a foam adhesive layer to apply to uneven or textured surfaces.

Our aluminium labels are fully anodised, which comes after the labels have been printed. This means that both the aluminium itself and the printed artwork are durable and longlasting.

The thiner options of aluminium can be flexed into position if you had slightly rounded surface. If an exact curve was required, we can produce this to your specifications.

For stainless steel labels, these can be produced with with etched artwork. The etching can be left as natural matt silver, giving a contrasting effect of bright silver label with matt silver etching.

To achieve a durable and strong print, we can etch your artwork, then print into the etched area.

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