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Metallic Foils, Textured and Specialist Finishes

If you are looking for a label to really stand out, we offer various options to give your product that high quality finish.

This can be as simple as a gloss or matt varnish, or have a completely bespoke and customised textured finish to follow any pattern of your creation. This can include textured materials (typically used with wine bottles), bright metallic foiling, spot varnishes, UV detectable varnishes that can only be seen under UV lighting, risen text or images, or all of the above.


Metallic foiling, embossed texture, 3D hotfoil and silk screen tactile finish


High build gloss varnish with spot matt varnish


Bright Gold Metallic Foiling with Spot Raised Varnish

Digitally printed silver material with spot raised varnish


Bold and detailed metallic foil, full colour print, high build varnish and UV detectible invisible ink


Metallic silver ink, yellow and blue UV detectible invisible ink


Unifraxion hotfoil, metallic hotfoil and silk screen tactile finish



The above designs are a small insight into what can be produce. If you would like to speak to one of our advisors for more information, or have a design and would like to find out what would be achievable, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.