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Environment & Sustainability

Working within the paper and label industry, we are frequently asked to give guidance and advise on environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

The industry as a whole has taken great strides in making sure that more products are available to limit the impact on the wider world around us. These products are being added to an ever-growing list of materials available for us to manufacture into labels for you.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Materials

We have specific materials available, depending on your use as well as the environmental outcome you required. This includes recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable materials, along with substrates produced from by-products, such as marble mining waste and fermented sugar cane.

Many synthetic materials are now considered as recyclable. This includes polypropylenes and polyesters. Whilst synthetic materials are the hardest to replicate using environmentally friendly, natural ingredients, more products are being brought to the market.


Ethically Sourced

Regardless of levels of sustainability required, one condition that we do set is that all of our materials are ethically sourced. All paper materials that we supply and stock are sourced from a sustainable forestry stewardship . These are either certified under FSC® or PEFC® standards to make sure that all of our raw paper materials originate from well managed forests with an audited chain of custody running from the forest floor to the production mills.

The strict regulatory standards for both organisations reach out far beyond the scope of the boundaries of the forests and work to maintain the well-being of workers along with the rights of Indigenous People and communities, as well as the wider environmental subjects.

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South East Labels

Within our working environment, we do what we can to reduce our impact. This includes the installation of LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, zero to landfill waste collection, along with separate cardboard recycling. We reuse suitable packaging and boxes to limit the amount of waste.

Simple office environmental etiquette is implored by reducing the amount of office-based printing and utilising software and cloud-based storage. Where printing is required, we use double-sided printing for multiple pages and ink saving functions within our printers. All wastepaper is recycled or shredded appropriately.

Where available, we send our goods out using carbon offsetting to help our couriers limit their environmental impact.