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Durable, Weatherproof, High-temp and Tagging Labels

If you require more durability with your labels, we offer a large range of synthetic materials and adhesives. Our standard synthetic materials come with high-tack adheisve, designed for low temperatures, outdoor use and rugged environments. We also supply them with a removable adhesive.

Our standard paper and synthetic labels go up to temperatures of 80°c. For a more aggressive option, we also manufacture high-temperature labels to suit applications such as lighting and heating equipment and much more. With the more extreme temperaures and scenarios, we would always like to supply you with samples to test, to make sure that they are suitable for you in advance of proceeding with any orders.

All of our synthetic materials are designed to be printed on with thermal transfer methods, including a variation of our polypropylene that comprises of a coating for thermal direct printing. In addition to this, the labels akso includes a very aggressive adhesive, designed for oil and greasy scenarios.

We can print full colour or any artwork required onto our synthetic materials, should you need a pre-printed label.

For that extra protection, we can apply a clear laminate to the label. This will give you longevity over the print and is ideal if the labels are in a scenario when they are likely to come into contact with chemicals, cleaning solutons or scuffed.

For anyone looking to hand-write on, but also protect their labels, we also offer a self-laminating label. The label is produced either as plain, or with printed artwork on it with a hinged laminate layer. This allows you to write your information, then fold over the laminate layer, encasing the label and protecting it from the elements. This works particualy well for on-site servicing or installations.

We also produce clear polypropylene labels, which can be produced as plain labels, printed with opauqe or transluscent colours, or we can print a black regstration mark on the reverse for you to print on through your thermal transfer printer.

As well as our synthetic labels, we also offer labels with no adhesive, for tagging. This can be produced as continuous rolls, with no gaps between the labels, or sperated by a perforation, for easy tearing.

We can produce these with or without a black registration mark for ease of printing through a thermal transefer printer.


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