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We manufacture and supply a vast range of different, bespoke label products on a huge range of materials and adhesive. It can be a little daunting reading through our website and seeing all that information on the different labelling products we do. Don’t worry, the chances are most of our products don’t apply to most of our customers. The most common labels we manufacture and supply are usually Plain or Printed paper labels or on our standard synthetic materials such as polypropylene.

We also offer expert advice to all of our customers so if you aren’t sure give us a call and we can talk you through the best and most cost effective options for your application. Below is brief summery of our most popular label products, materials, adhesives and finishes.

Thermal Transfer
This material is for printing through a label printer that uses a thermal ribbon.n The material is best suited for labels that need a long shelf life or need to be waterproof and durable. Most synthetics are thermal transfer as it offers great resistance to chemicals, the weather, water, cold etc. Standard paper labels are also often thermal transfer
Thermal Direct
This is a short life material. They are perfect for labels that don’t need to last long such as postal labels, courier/ pallet labels etc. This material is heat sensitive so can be printed with out using a thermal ribbon. This cuts down on media cost. the down side is the material can mark easily and isn’t designed for labels that need longevity
Paper or Synthetic
Paper materials are the most common materials for self adhesive labels. Papers are low cost, come on a range of adhesives, can be thermal direct or thermal printer and can be used in virtually all print methods. Synthetics can be a little more specialist. The most common is Polypropylene but vinyl, polyester and polyethylene are commonly available. Synthetics are tough, durable materials that boast some of the toughest labels available.
Different Adhesives
There is a great range of adhesives available. Permanent is the most common but there is high tack (really sticky) peelable (not so sticky) marine adhesive (waterproof sticky) food safe (non toxic sticky). There are different grades and not all materials are available on all adhesives.
Printing Finishes
It is important, regardless of colour print method used, to protect your print. Most inks will require some form of protection after print. This often comes in the form of a varnish. This seals the ink in, to protect it, but it also adds a pleasing finish to the print. They can be gloss, matt or semi-gloss. There are also laminates available (an overlay material) which offers the best possible protection.

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