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Opaque Block Out Labels


Covering It Up

We manufacture and supply Block Out labels. These labels are manufactured from a completely opaque (non-see- through) material with a blue or black adhesive. These labels are designed to completely obscure virtually anything they are placed over. This makes them ideal for covering up sensitive or obsolete information, unwanted print or even incorrect print.


  • Dark Blue adhesive to block out print underneath
  • 100% covering of underneath print
  • White facing
  • Perfect for covering up printed errors quickly and cheaply, completely avoiding costs of reprinting.
  • Perfect for barcode or batch number printing
  • Available for all major thermal printers including Zebra, Citizen, Toshiba and TSC

As with all of our products our block-out labels are tailor made to your requirements. We can manufacture these labels in over 400 different sizes and bespoke sizing is available. We can offer this material as a plain label for you own on-demand printing or we can produce them as full colour labels.

Covering incorrect barcodes

Block out labels are most often used to cover up old or incorrect print. Sometimes it is not fiscally viable to get a complete reprint if information on your label is out of date of even incorrect. This is especially true with incorrect barcode numbers. Barcodes can be very difficult to cover up with out any of the old code showing through and thus making it more difficult to scan. As mentioned it may not also be viable to reprint the labels/ barcodes from scratch.

This is where block out labels can excel.  The correct barcode is simply printed onto the label and they can then be stuck over the old, incorrect barcodes. This process is done thermally and the barcodes are computer generated so there is need for printing plates or artwork charges. The nature of the block- out material means that the old, incorrect barcode can be completely, 100% covered, thus not interfering with scanning.

South East Labels can also provide the necessary dedicated thermal label printers, dedicated label printing software and thermal printing ribbons along side the block-out labels to allow you to create the perfect on-demand printing package.

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