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Cryogenic Labels Extreme Cold Resistance

cryogenic vials

cryogenic vials


We manufacture and supply specialist cryogenic labels that can withstand cryogenic temperatures of liquid nitrogen (-196°C to -210°C approx) without degradation to the material or the adhesive. At the extreme temperatures used in cryogenic applications normal adhesives would shatter.

Getting Technical

Cryogenic labels are manufactured using a print receptive, white satin polyester material that has excellent solvent, humidity, elevated temperature and UV resistance. This material can be printed by any of our dedicated thermal printers using full-resin thermal ribbons.

  • Operating temperatures of -200ºc
  • Hi Tack permanent adhesive four superb adhesion to PVC and glass vials
  • Superb humidity, UV and chemical resistance
  • Plain or printed options
  • Good elevated temperature resistance of up to +120ºc
  • Can be used in most major thermal label printers such as Zebra, Citizen, Toshiba

Our Cryogenic labels can be printer through most of the major label printers such as Zebra, Citizen, Toshiba, TSC and more. These labels can also be used for other ‘cold’ applications such as deep freezing, harsh or varied environments, even arctic conditions, and more.

Typical Applications

On demand variable information labels for cryogenic identification of plastic and glass vessels for the preservation of blood, reproductive cells and other biological materials, deep freeze applications or variable environments and more.

These labels are not intended for direct food contact.

South East Labels can also provide the necessary dedicated thermal label printers, dedicated label printing software and resin thermal printing ribbons alongside the cryogenic labels to allow you to create the perfect on-demand printing package.

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