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Deep Freeze Labels

Deep Cold Resistance



We manufacture and supply deep freeze labels that utilize a specific adhesive  that is designed to maintain adhesion in frozen environments such as commercial freezers. Deep freeze labels will also adhere to pre-frozen surfaces and where condensation is present.

Normal label adhesive will still adhere down to approx -10°C before the cold will cause the label to lose adhesion. Prolonged exposure to below freezing temperatures can also cause our standard adhesives to quickly lose adhesion. Deep Freeze adhesive is formulated to operate at temperatures of down to -40°C over prolonged periods. This makes deep freeze labels perfect for prolonged use in commercial freezers, chiller units and cold storage.

  • Operating temperatures of -40°c
  • Paper and synthetic (waterproof) materials available
  • Plain or printed options
  • suitable for all major thermal printers such as Zebra, Citizen, Datamax, Toshiba, TSC and more
  • Suitable for multiple packaging types

For specialist applications we always recommend a sample of material is tested under actual working conditions. For free samples of our deep freeze material please contact us.

Please note this adhesive is NOT rated for Direct Food Contact and can only be applied to outer packaging.

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