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Easy Peelable Labels


Peelable Labels

Easy Peel Labels

Easy Peel Labels

We manufacture and supply peelable labels. These labels are also know as Easy Peel or, more commonly, Book Peel. Our standard peelable, or removable, labels are designed to be stuck to virtually any surface with good adhesion but can be removed quote easily. For some applications our standard peelable labels can still be a little too aggressive and residue can sometimes be left behind by the adhesive. For those delicate applications we have Super Peelable Labels.

  • Standard peelable or Super Book Peelable adhesive
  • Book Peel is virtually non-deposit
  • Plain or printed
  • Can be used on some delicate surfaces such as china, glass and polished steel (testing required)
  • Wide range of materials and finishes available


Excellent for use as:

  • price labels on books
  • Product pricing
  • delicate products such as ornaments
  • Applies well to glass and polished steel products and even delicate wood products such as furniture
  • Card packaging

The adhesive used on this product is a water based adhesive making it very gentle on most surfaces. The adhesive allows for very clean removability, the super peel offers almost no deposit left behind

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