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Security, Asset & Tamper-Evident Labels


Why use Asset Tracking Labels?

We manufacture and supply a range of Asset Tracking Labels, designed to help you keep track of your equipment. When you are in possession of a large amount of important assets, it’s important to ensure that everything is easily identifiable. Asset Tracking Labels contain a unique barcode, batch number and your company name so that no matter where your product is, you can keep track of it.

As well as keeping an eye on your inventory, Asset Tracking Labels can also help you keep track of products which are frequently in for repair or need components replaced. Over time, you will come to know how often certain machines need to be repaired and whether it is economically viable. Asset Tracking Labels can also be used for loss prevention, assignment of supplies and project planning.

Our Asset Tracking Labels can be provided in full-colour print with a variety of finishes. The labels are manufactured with some of the toughest and most durable materials and adhesives available.

High-quality durable labels for any product

We also provide other forms of strong and secure labels for a variety of products.

  • Ultra-destructible labels are exceptionally difficult to remove and impossible to remove in one piece. The adhesive used is very strong, making this one of our most popular security labels.
  • Void labels are made up of two parts. If an attempt is made to remove the label, the top part will peel away and reveal a clear substrate layer containing the word VOID. This layer is very difficult to remove from most surfaces, and impossible to remove cleanly from paper.
  • Our Aluminium labels contain a thin layer of aluminium with a very aggressive adhesive on the reverse, making them one of the strongest labels available. They are ideal for use outdoors as they are waterproof, heat resistant and impervious to most chemicals. They can be stuck to virtually any surface (except water, grease, dirt and air!).
  • Heavy Duty Metal Plated labels are the toughest labelling products we offer, produced from aluminium or steel. We can supply these with the strongest adhesives available or screw or boltholes to make them impossible to remove. These are designed for use on engines or industrial machinery as they can withstand almost any environment.

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