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Specialist Labels


South East Labels manufacture and supply a range of specialist label products. Whatever your label is going to be used for, we can help you find one that will be perfect for the job.Whether you work in healthcare, cryogenics, industry, retail, catering, horticulture, cosmetics or any other field, we have a range of specialist labels designed to meet your needs.

You don’t need to come to us knowing exactly what you want. Our job is to listen to you and find out what you need the label for. We can then suggest the most suitable material, print method and finish.

Below is an overview of these specialist products and a brief description of uses. For more detail please see the pages in the drop down menus.

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Deep Freeze Adhesive
Ideal for commercial freezers and cold storage down to -40°c.
High Temperature Resistance
A synthetic polyester that can with stand prolonged exposure to temperatures of approximately +145°c
Cryogenic Material
The ultimate deep cold material. Able to withstand prolonged exposure to cryogenic processes and temperatures down to -200°c
Metal Labels
Metal labels are the toughest of the tough. Manufactured in high grade aluminium, steel or even brass with the strongest adhesives available. Screw holes can also be added. Our metal plates come in a variety of thicknesses, can be printed or etched and can be made to virtually any size.
Super / Book Peel
Specially designed to be peelable with virtually no residue left behind. Ideal for delicate surfaces
Block Out Paper
Fully opaque (non see through) material with a matt paper finish. Perfect for applications where old/ incorrect print needs to be obscured
Security and Asset Labels
Very durable, synthetic materials that have some of the toughest labelling products available

Specialist Knowledge on Specialist Labels

Whatever you need a specialist label for, our team has over 25 years’ of experience supplying labels and offering printed label services to a variety of clients. How can we help you today?

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