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Synthetic Labels Water & Weatherproof

Labels for Tough Environments

Synthetic Labels are water and weather proof . They are also resistant to many other chemicals and substances.


Polypropylene Labels

Polypropylene is very durable and highly resistant synthetic material. It is fully water and weather proof. It is excellent for applications that are outdoors or in constant exposure or contact with water. It has high resistance to oils, alcohol, dirt, blood or bodily fluid stains and many others. This material is usually matte finish and can be used for full colour or plain labels.

This material is excellent for those tough Print-Your-Own applications. When combined with our Resin Thermal Ribbons and one of our Dedicated Label Printers you can create tough, highly resistant and waterproof print.

Polyester Labels

Polyester, like all synthetic materials, is highly resistant and fully water and weather proof. This material is able to withstand harsh environments including high heat, sunlight and UV, extreme cold and even full submersion in water. It is very durable and extremely resistant to degradation from scuffing, chemicals, humidity, tear and scratches. It is also a very flexible material, ideal for awkward applications. Polyester labels are usually finished in a gloss finish and maybe white or silver polyester. Polyester labels usually require a Resin Thermal Transfer ribbon.

Vinyl Labels

Vinyl labels are designed for use in extreme conditions. They do not deteriorate under humid or wet conditions. They also have good heat resistance. Ideal for horticultural and marine environments. We normally recommend a Resin thermal transfer ribbon for printing onto Vinyl.

Any Application

Our synthetic materials are ideal for virtually any application where resistance and durability is requires, whether the labels are plain for print-your-own applications or full colour labels. if you are unsure as to which material is best for you we can advise you.

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