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Plain Thermal Labels on Rolls

Tailor-made to order, to your exact requirements.

Supplied on rolls designed to fit a wide variety of thermal printers and E.P.O.S systems, our Plain Thermal Labels are the ideal choice for on-demand printing applications – when you’re looking to create and print your own purpose-specific labels, which include variable data such as bar coding.

Offering great flexibility, they can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and come in a range of sizes, materials (synthetic and paper) and adhesives,from peelable to standard and high-tactile security permanent.

Compatible Printing Systems included Zebra, Citizen TSC, Godex, Toshiba and more.

Thermal Transfer or Thermal Direct?

Depending on your needs, you can choose between two different kinds of Plain Thermal Labels: Thermal Direct and Thermal Transfer.

Thermal Transfer
Made from a wide range of paper and synthetic materials, Thermal Transfer Labels can be used with dedicated thermal label printers and require thermally sensitive ink printing ribbons. Heat is applied to the ribbon through the print head which then transfers the image through the thermal ribbon onto the label.Thermal Transfer printing offers resistant, long lasting, clean print.
Benefits of Thermal Transfer Labels include:

  • Durable – they have a long shelf life
  • Resistant, long life print options
  • Ideal for harsh environments e.g. outdoors or industrial – they can withstand extremes of temperature and exposure to chemicals
  • Waterproof (Synthetic Materials)

Recommended uses: asset tagging (barcodes), inventory identification, outdoor and freezer applications and more.

Thermal Direct
Used specifically with dedicated thermal direct printers, Thermal Direct Labels are predominantly made from paper materials, though a limited range of synthetic materials is available for specialist applications. Direct Thermal materials are coated with a heat-sensitive layer which is ‘burned’ directly by the print head to create an image.Thermal Direct Labels are not scratch resistant, and will turn colour when exposed to heat, light other catalysts.
Benefits of Thermal Direct Labels include:

  • Reduced long term costs (no thermal ribbons needed)
  • Ideal for large quantities
  • Good for short lived purposes such as courier/ shipping labels

Recommended uses: shipping labels, receipts, name tags, visitor passes, courier and more

Tailored to fit your application.

It’s important to us that your labels work. Therefore, whatever your requirements, our plain thermal label products can be tailored specifically to your needs. Experienced thermal label manufacturers, we can advise you on the best materials for the job, let you know what kind of printer you have (if you are unsure) and produce a roll to fit.

We can even pre-print your thermal labels for you with a company logo or your own artwork, which you can then print your variable data (text, barcode etc) onto.

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