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Printer Servicing and Support Information

When purchasing a dedicated label printer it is important to consider what happens in the unlikely event that your printer stops working. This can be particularly important for ‘Mission Critical’ printing. South East Labels offer free and unlimited support via Email and Telephone to ensure we get you back up and running as quickly and easily as possible. However there are always circumstances when the printer may need returning to us or a dedicated engineer.

In these circumstances South East Labels will endeavour to repair your printer and return it to you as soon as possible. If a repair is not possible we will recommend alternate options such a replacement printer. We work very closely with representatives of each brand of printer we sell to ensure we can offer the best service and support.


Manufacturer’s Warranties.

All of our printers, regardless of brand, type, size etc. come with a manufacturer’s warranty as standard. The length of these can vary but are usually between one and two years. More information can be provided upon request. In order to process a repair under the manufacturer’s warranty the printer will need to be sent back to the manufacturer for assessment. This can take an undetermined length of time. If the claim is successful and covered by the manufacturer’s warranty there may be a further time period required for repair. As ever manufacturer operates to different practices we are unable to advise how long each assessment and repair could take under the manufacturer’s warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Neither the manufacturers nor South East Labels can provide an alternate printer during this time.

Service Level Agreement/ Service Contract

All of our Zebra and Toshiba (Tec) dedicated label printers have the option to purchase Service Agreements, also known as a Service Contract. These vary in options such as Print Head Inclusive, Next Day Onsite or Return To Base. The majority of Service Level Agreements are Return to Base, some of these variations can include replacement/ loan printers provided by the manufacturer for mission critical applications.

All of our Service Level Agreements are fulfilled by the relevant manufacturer directly or one of their contracted services departments and are there-by subject to their individual terms and conditions of the Service Level Agreement/ Service Contract.

We also offer limited service contracts on other brands of printers. Please contact us for details.

South East Labels always recommends purchasing a Service Level Agreement where they are available.

Printers being returned for repair – Return To Base

Invariably at some point your printer may need to be sent away for repair. This will be either direct to South East Labels, a certified repair centre or even directly back to the manufacturer. When your printer needs to be returned for repair we will do everything in our power to return your printer to you as quickly as possible. The vast majority of printer repairs we facilitate ourselves are actioned (returned to us, assessed, repaired, tested and returned to the customer) within 5 – 8 working days. However this is dependent on parts being in stock. If the required parts are not in stock the repair could take much longer.

If your printer needs returning to a certified service centre this could take several weeks depending on the problem and parts availability, this is also true for returning to manufacturers.


Any repairs required that are not covered by either the manufacturer’s warranty or a Service Level Agreement/ Service contract will incur costs for Labour (per hour), parts, carriage and VAT.

Covering your mission critical printing

When a printer goes down and needs repairing it can bring operations grinding to a halt. In many circumstances it is a simple case of No printer – No Labels – Nothing goes out the door. This can be extremely frustrating. We pride ourselves on turning printer repairs around as quickly as possible but there are many factors beyond our control that can delay a printer being returned to you.

During this time we ARE NOT ABLE to offer loan equipment to cover the absence of your printer. Some Service Level Agreements/ Service Contracts do offer the option for cover machines whilst your printer is away for repair. We would always recommend that you purchase a Service Level Agreement/ Service Contract. However these are not always available or not always financially viable, especially on the smaller, cheaper machines.

If a Service Level Agreement/ Service Contract is not available or does not offer a replacement printer as part of the agreement we strongly recommend a spare, like for like printer is purchased (even at a slightly lower spec) for all mission critical printing applications. Whilst this can incur slightly higher set up costs, it can in many circumstance be much cheaper than a Service Level Agreement/ Service Contract and in the long run offers peace of mind should your mission critical printer develop a fault.

If you require any information or need assistance with your printer please Contact Us or call 01798 873738