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South East Labels Thermal Ribbons

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We supply our own brand of cost effective and efficient thermal printer ribbons designed for us in a wide range of label printers. Our range includes Wax, Wax/Resin & Resin ribbons.

DesktopIndustrialWax RibbonsWax/ Resin RibbonsResin Ribbons
Our SEL Thermal Printer Ribbons are deisgned to work in most major desktop label printers including Godex, TSC, Datamax & Citizen.
Our SEL Thermal Printer Ribbons are designed to work in most major industrial label printers including Godex, Zebra, TSC, Datamax & Citizen.
Our premium wax ribbons (SELAF) are cost effective and economical for low cost printing. Designed for use on paper materials only.
Our premium wax/ resin ribbons (SELCF) are the main stay of the ribbon grades. Designed to work with a huge array of materials they are suited to print onto paper materials and many synthetic materials. We do recommend testing on synthetic materials.
Our high performance resin ribbons (SELEF) are the highest and toughest grade of ribbon in the range. They are designed to print on many synthetic materials (testing recommended) and offer the most resistant thermal print available.

Box Quantities
Our SEL thermal ribbons are sold in boxes of 15 ribbons for sizes 60, 80 & 100mm wide ribbons and boxes of 30 for 50 & 55mm wide ribbons

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