Honeywell Eclipse 5145 Barcode Scanner With Stand

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The Honeywell Eclipse 5145 is a powerful, entry level, hand held, laser 1D barcode scanner. The Eclipse 5145 has a compact sleek design and a powerful scan engine able to read all popular barcode types, making the Eclipse a brilliant, all round barcode scanner for entry level use.

The modern scan engine used gives the Eclipse 5145 one of the larges scanning ranges and widest scan fields of any other scanner in its class. The width of the scan line increases with the distance from the code. The Honeywell Eclipse 5145 has one of the best feature to price ratios available today. The Eclipse 5145 is able to read high resolution and even small barcodes with ease, making this device perfect for retail applications. The compact housing makes for a durable scanner able to withstand drops on to concrete of up to 1.5mtrs.

  • Cost effective entry level Laser scanner
  • Reads all popular 1D barcodes
  • One of the largest scan distances and widest scan fields in class
  • Aggressive scan engine for high density & small barcodes
  • USB ‘Plug & Play’ Interface.
  • Light weight and durable. Weighs just 97 grams
  • Drop tested to 1.5mtrs. Operates from 0ºc to 40ºc
  • 3yr Manufacturers Warranty
  • Stand Included

The Eclipse 5145 also has interchangeable power and interface cables with the Voyager range, with easily replaceable batteries. Unlike most barcode scanners, which have difficult to remove, inbuilt batteries, the Eclipse 5145 has a simple mechanism for mounting the battery. The base of the handle is removable, allowing the battery to simply pop out and be replaced. This completely removes the need to send you scanner back to the manufacturer just to have the battery replaced.

The optional CodeGate function first buffers all scanned data, and once the user presses the CodeGate button the scanned data is released and transferred to the computer. Ergonomically situated on top of the scanner’s housing, users conveniently press the button with their thumb. This feature is especially intended for very small barcodes, menu scanning or document scanning.

This model is supplied in black


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