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The Godex G500

Godex manufacturer and produce label printers, some of the most feature rich and cost effective printers available today. The G500 printer is the main stay of their desktop printer range. The robust clam shell design with the print head built in to the lid makes the G500 sturdy and easy to use.

Media is easily loaded and it performs as you would expect a desktop label printer to. At 4 inches wide and with print speeds of 5 inches per second at 200dpi it is bang smack where you expect it to be. The biggest difference to its competitors is the G500, like all of the Godex printers, has Ethernet included as standard……at NO extra cost.

Thats right, unlike the next market competitor there is no “extra” Ethernet model that will cost you X amount more. Ethernet is standard across the Godex range and will not cost you any more at all.

The other advantage Godex has over its competitors is the inclusion of fully professional label printing and creation software. GoLabel is written by and made for Godex. It is also included in the box, again at no extra charge!! But we will cover GoLabel in greater depth in a later post.

So the G500 is cost effective, fast, robust, Ethernet included AND has full software included in the box. There is no “oh the printer is X amount, the Software as another X amount, if you want to network it its another X amount”. It is simply, here’s the printer, of you go.

GoDEX G500

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