75mm x 75mm Thermal Labels 1000 per Roll

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Direct Thermal Labels for Industrial Printers

Our plain labels are tailored to fit a wide range of industrial label printers, including Zebra, Citizen, TSC, Toshiba & more. These labels are manufactured using excellent quality direct thermal paper permanent. Most major brands of  industrial printers have a direct thermal print mode¹.

Direct thermal labels have a shorter life span than thermal transfer (plain paper) labels. They can react to heat and direct sunlight. Whilst the labels have a shelf life of a few years (if stored correctly), once printed, the print can fade after 3- 6 months. This makes them perfect for labelling/ barcoding perishable products. By removing the need for a ribbon, direct thermal labels help reduce the overall costs of short life labelling applications.

75 x 75







Full SpecificationsPrintersPricingBespoke Sizes
  • 75mm x 75mm with radius corners
  • 1,000 labels per roll. On a 76mm internal cardboard core for use in industrial printers
  • Matt white, direct thermal paper material with a permanent adhesive
  • Designed for use in direct thermal printers (no ribbon required)¹
  • The paper is coated with a special heat sensitive layer, allowing you to print with out a thermal ribbon
  • Perfect for labels that require a short life (3 – 6 months) such as perishable/ fresh goods & more
  • For use with most industrial printer brands
  • Zebra ZT400 series, ZT200 series, ZM series, 105sl series, Xi4 series
  • Citizen CL-S700 series
  • TSC ME240, ME340, TTP 2410M, 246M Plus, 346M, 644M, 268M, 366M
  • Toshiba EXT series, SX series and more
  • Plus many more*
  • Prices exclude VAT
  • 5,000 Labels: £12.74 per 1000 labels. £12.74 per roll². Total £63.70 (£76.44 incl VAT)
  • 10,000 Labels: £9.01 per 1000 labels. £9.01 per roll². Total £108.20 (£90.10 incl VAT)
  • 25,000 Labels: £6.12 per 1000 labels. £6.12 per roll². Total £153 (£183.60 incl VAT)
  • 50,000 Labels: £5.48 per 1000 labels. £5.48 per roll². Total £274 (£328.80 incl VAT)
  • 100,000 Labels: £5.06 per 1000 labels. £5.06 per roll². Total £506 (£607.20 incl VAT)
We have a full bespoke service for custom created labels. If you need something a little different from our stock labels. Perhaps a different, size, amount per roll, material. Simply call us on 01798 873738 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page

Please allow approximately 3 – 5 working days for delivery.

 *Please note we do not guarantee this product is suitable for all printers. Please check the manufacturers specifications for your printer.

¹Please check your user manual for instructions to see how to switch your label printer to direct thermal print mode (excluding direct thermal only printers)

²Price per roll estimated approximate only


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