Citizen 8″ External Roll Holder

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The Citizen desktop range punches well above its weight. The main downside of all desktop printers is the roll size capactiy. The Citizen external roll holder over comes this and adds greater versatility to the Citizen desktop printer range. Normally the citizen CL-S521, 621 & 631 models only take a maximum roll of approx 120mm outer diameter. The external roll holder allows you to run rolls with a maximum outer diameter of 200mm (8″). This device is easily installed, it simply clips to the back of the printer and the media (labels) feeds through the purpose placed external media slot in the back of the printer. It can be fitted in seconds. The external roll holder simple attaches to the back of the Citizen printer.

Normally rolls with an outer diameter of 200mm can only be printed in bigger mid range or industrial printers. These can be costly and some times that cost does not justify the amount of labels being printed per day. Being able to print larger rolls through, small, cheaper desktops not only keeps overall costs down but gives greater printing efficiency than having just the desktop printer. Bigger rolls mean more labels can be printed before the roll needs changing. This reduces the printers down time, allowing for the printer to run linger undisturbed, greatly increasing print efficiency.

SpecificationsFor Use With...
  • External Media Roll Holder
  • Fits 8″ (200mm) label rolls (outer diameter)
  • Seconds to Install. Simply affixes to the back of the printer
  • Sturdy base and fix. No movement when in use
  • Takes a 25mm, 38mm or even 44mm core
  • CL-S521
  • CL-S621
  • CL-S631
  • CL-S6621





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