UWR-S Label Unwinder 140mm

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The UWR series is a selction of label unwinding units for self-adhesive labels on rolls. These heavy duty label rewinders have been developed with full steel construction, making them ideal for industrial applications. They have a large base with a section for your printers front feet to sit on, making it stable when in use and easy to place. A label unwinder is a simple powered spool on a sturdy base that gentle allows your labels to feed through a printer, whilst still maintianing tension.

Most printers are limited by the size of the label roll you can put in to it. For example a desktop printer can only take a label roll with a maximum outter diameter and an industrial printer tends to be about 200mm maximum outter diameter. The UWR series will take a 300mm outter diametre label roll. This allows for dramtically reduced down time for your printer whilst rolls of label sare being changed. In some cases larger label rolls can also reduce your overall label costs.

The UWR-S is a narrow label unwinder unit able to take labels of up to 140mm wide.

The core spindle is completely adjustable, allowing the UWR series to handle cores from 40mm all the way upto 110mm. The UWR series can handle rolls with a max size of up to 300mm outer diametre. The UWR series is available in left handed or right handed models.

Getting your unwinder set to the correct speed can be very important. unwinding the label to fast and you can cause the labels to be pulled, causing miss printing. If your rewind is to loose you can end up with labels slipping off the roll. The UWR series uses an innovative automatic detection system combined with a tension arm allows the machine to fully adapt itself to the printer speed ensuring that your labels are rewound at the correct tension, avoiding tearing, slipping and frequent stops.

The UWR Series is bi-directional, allowing for clockwise and counter clockwise rewinding. It also has a variable speeds allowing you to rewind your labels as quickly as required. An inbuilt roll end detection system stops the rewinder when the roll finishes or tears, giving an audible signal to alert you.

  • 140mm unwinder
  • Up to 300mm Diameter roll
  • Takes cores from 40mm up to 110mm
  • Right handed
  • Bi directional
  • Heavy duty, steel construction
  • Automatic detection system with tension arm

Our UWR series models are supplied to order. Please allow 1 – 3 working weeks for delivery.

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