Opticon OPI3601 2D Imaging Barcode Scanner & Stand

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The Opticon OPI3601 is the latest in Opticon’s 2D imager based barcode scanners. The Opticon OPI3601 is designed to be one of the lightest and smallest 2D imaging scanners available on the market today.

The Opticon OPI3601 is a pistol style 2D CMOS imager scanner with a hands free stand included in the box. The auto stand detection feature allows for effortless switching between hand held and hands free modes. The Opticon OPI3601 has already been a great success in the healthcare markets for wrist band scanning and the retail markets for coupon and e-ticketing applications.

The Opticon OPI3601 can even read 2D codes direct from mobile device screens such as smartphones.

  • 2D CMOS Imaging Barcode reader
  • Reads QR Codes, Data matrix codes and more
  • Can read from mobile device screens
  • Stand included in the box
  • Auto Stand detection feature
  • Auto Trigger Function when mounted in the stand
  • 5yr Manufacturers Warranty as standard

The Opticon OPI3601, whilst being light and easy to use is also robust enough to with stand day to day use with ease. The scanner is drop tested to 1.5mtrs on to concrete and is supported by a two year warranty. The bright LED aiming function and fast scan rate allow for quick and efficient barcode and 2D code reading.


  • Retail: Scanning of GS1 Data Matrix and QR Codes at POS, E-Coupon redemption on mobile phones, Price checking, Point of Sale, item ident.
  • Healthcare: Pharmacy management, Electronic patient registration, intramural care efficiency, records tracking.


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