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Citizen Thermal Printers – An Overview.

Over the last 25 years we have sold and supported all of the major thermal printer brands. We were at one time a large supplier of TEC, now Toshiba, as the market changed we moved to Intermec and Citizen. A few years ago the market changed again and our focus shifted to Zebra and TSC. We are constantly looking at our industry and what our customers are doing to ensure we are always offering the most relevant products. With this in mind, South East Labels is very pleased to announce we are once again offering Citizen label printers.

Why Citizen?

As mentioned above we have sold Citizen printers before. In fact we never stopped. We simple down graded them to a ‘request only’ product. Why did we do this? Simple. Better products were available. Recently though that has changed and Citizen are once again pushing to the fore. Below is an over view of the most popular models.

The Desktops: CL-S521, 621 and 631

The Citizen desktops are much like all of the other desktop’s. Small foot prints, USB, 4 inches wide at reasonable print speeds. So what’s the difference to all of the others?

Citizen desktop printers, unlike most, have a full metal print mechanism. This makes the desktop range very hardy for their size. Most desktops, whilst being quiet robust are not intended for industrial or difficult environments such as workshops, packing sheds etc. Normally an Industrial printer is required. For those of you on a budget these can be very expensive. The Citizen desktop range solves this problem. Affordable, space saving desktop printers able to handle harder environments. The full metal mechanism is more resistant to component wear then most other brands and models. The Hi-Open™ system Citizen use makes media loading and unloading very easy.

The only down side is that whilst the Citizen desktop printers have  a small overall foot print they do have quite a big lid that can be a little cumbersome as it quite large.

The Industrials: CL-S700, 703, 700R

The Citizen industrial printers are just that, large, full metal construction, industrial printers. They are intended for tough environments like factories and packing plants. They have a relatively fast through put and a range of interface options to cover most applications. So, whats different to every other industrial printer out there? Unlike most industrial printers the Citizen printers use a ‘clam shell’ Hi-Open™ loading system. Basically this means the top of the printer is hinged at the back, making the printer top loading, unlike most industrial printers which are side loading. The main advantage of this is simply space saving. With out the need for side access there is no need for a clear space around the printer, making the overall foot print much smaller than most industrial printers.

The down side. They (in my opinion only I must add) aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing printer on the market, but then they don’t need to be when they do their job so well.

For more information see our Citizen Printers in the main shop or Contact Us

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