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How do I make my product more identifiable?


image source With so many competing brands on the shelves and readily available online nowadays, making your product stand out has never been more important. Brand recognition is a key part of this, especially when it comes to customer loyalty. Here are a few ways to make sure your brand makes the biggest possible impact and is extremely easy to recognise. Create a strong logo At the heart of your … Read More →

Custom branding mistakes that you should never make

Starbucks label

There are an enormous number of factors that can affect the way people perceive your business and the products you sell. But branding is the cornerstone of the whole image of your product – how people first see it, how they think about it in their head. Even simple choices like colours used, font types, logo shapes can have a massive impact – whether you’re using them on bespoke labels … Read More →

Custom labels: choosing the perfect label for your product

product label tags

It’s only when you start to put all of the elements of your product together that you begin to see just how important labels really are. They’re everywhere: on our food, on parcels – and they play a vital role in the way we perceive things as a consumer. Custom printed labels accommodate for any kind of product, letting you choose shape, size, material, printing technique and a huge range … Read More →