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How do I make my product more identifiable?

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With so many competing brands on the shelves and readily available online nowadays, making your product stand out has never been more important. Brand recognition is a key part of this, especially when it comes to customer loyalty. Here are a few ways to make sure your brand makes the biggest possible impact and is extremely easy to recognise.

Create a strong logo

At the heart of your brand should be a sharp logo design. It should be the one symbol that encapsulates your product and business ethos, which your customers can instantly identify. Logos should be able to stand completely alone, as well as evoking the right associations in any customers’ minds. Also, don’t spend too long worrying about the colours of your logo – studies have also shown that the shape is far more important. Logos in different colours or in black and white are just as easy to identify as logos in their original colour combinations.

Research from Claessens Product Consultants (CPC), in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, has also shown that abstract logo shapes are the most memorable, that’s to say those using specific indefinable shapes in an unfamiliar combination – the Nike logo, for example. Descriptive logos, those using identifiable shapes – Puma, for example – were also somewhat effective. However, Suggestive logos, or those whose shapes are not clearly symbolic, were much less easy to recognise.

Use bespoke labels

Make sure the look of your product doesn’t just stop with the logo design. You want your branding to be reflected throughout the way you’re presenting the products, and therefore continue to build recognition in the customer’s mind. Printing bespoke labels give you the flexibility to make sure every last detail is perfectly in line with the message and style you’re trying to create. You can choose size, colour, use of graphics and even which materials suit the specific needs of your product. It really will be worth investing the time in this process in order to further build your brand.

Getting your brand out there

Another big part of getting brand recognition is making sure you’re pushing the word out there about your business in other ways, using a strong PR and communications strategy. Luckily, with new tools and growing prevalence of online social channels, this has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Make sure you take advantage of all the social channels you can, particularly Twitter and Facebook. Here, try and make connections with potential customers and people interested in your product area by joining conversations and offering advice. Another way to build up your brand is to become a commentator on popular, relevant blogs – or better still, start one of your own. Showing yourself as an expert in your field is a great way to build up trust and awareness of your brand. Also, when it comes to PR, try to think outside the box and offer something really unique to journalists, such as multi-media content.

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