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How does a brand become iconic?

Nowadays, we see brands everywhere. They have become a familiarity for most people and a way of identifying popular products and services. However, some brands transcend the original meaning of the term and become embedded in our culture. A brand which reaches iconic status is rare, but when it happens, a product can go from simply being functional to being a vital part of everyday life.

What makes an iconic brand?

A characteristic of an iconic brand is that it’s instantly recognisable. The familiar Apple logo and the red-and-white swoops of the Coca-Cola logo make these brands instantly distinguishable from any other product. However, a brand being recognisable doesn’t make it iconic.An icon is defined as someone or something which is afforded great admiration and respect. A brand becomes iconic by standing for something which people are attracted to and consider meaningful.

Meaning is very important for a brand to be successful. Apple products stand out in people’s minds for the feelings people associate with the brand – the pleasure of using technology which is simple, creative and stylish. The feelings are kept alive by advertisements which show how easy and fun Apple products are to use, provoking a powerful response from customers.

An iconic brand goes beyond a function or a service. It taps into a need for a certain benefit or enhancement which the company can offer to its customers. When a brand’s purpose resonates with enough people, the brand moves closer to being iconic.

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