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Custom labels: choosing the perfect label for your product

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It’s only when you start to put all of the elements of your product together that you begin to see just how important labels really are. They’re everywhere: on our food, on parcels – and they play a vital role in the way we perceive things as a consumer. Custom printed labels accommodate for any kind of product, letting you choose shape, size, material, printing technique and a huge range … Read More →

How does a brand become iconic?

Nowadays, we see brands everywhere. They have become a familiarity for most people and a way of identifying popular products and services. However, some brands transcend the original meaning of the term and become embedded in our culture. A brand which reaches iconic status is rare, but when it happens, a product can go from simply being functional to being a vital part of everyday life. What makes an iconic … Read More →

How you can use labels to define your brand


Let’s be honest, we all judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to buying new products. First impressions are imperative if you are selling something, and often this first impression comes from the packaging or label. Even if your product is excellent, a poorly designed label could dissuade potential customers from choosing you. image source Opting for labelling that is creative and inspiring can therefore make you … Read More →

What you need to consider when creating your labels


  image source So you want to make some labels? Whatever the purpose, when creating labels there are a number of key elements you should consider. Once you know roughly what you want the label to do, we at South East Label – as manufacturers of bespoke labels – can help you find the right combination to suit your application and budget. Some things to think about are the many … Read More →

Citizen Thermal Printers – An Overview.

Over the last 25 years we have sold and supported all of the major thermal printer brands. We were at one time a large supplier of TEC, now Toshiba, as the market changed we moved to Intermec and Citizen. A few years ago the market changed again and our focus shifted to Zebra and TSC. We are constantly looking at our industry and what our customers are doing to ensure … Read More →

1950’s Branding – The Iconic and the Inspired


You don’t have to look far to see examples of classic logos. And it was during the 1950s that many brands had their most fertile ideas to make their brands more memorable. Here we take a look at some of the greats, plus a few that hat-tip that legendary era to give you a bit of inspiration for creating your own labels. Image Source Oxo In British culture it doesn’t … Read More →

Our New Website.

If you are reading this post then you are on our brand new website (and its working!). Our old site has served us very well indeed but as times have progressed and we have grown and expanded we have found ourselves needing a new website. This website has all the modern requirements for social media interaction (follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterst) Our new website has updated information … Read More →

South East Labels Celebrating 25 years

South East Labels has just seen its 25th year in business. In 1988 Brian had the opportunity to fulfill his desire to run his own business and seized it with both hands. From that moment on South East Labels was born. Whilst originally working from home the fledgling South East Labels went from strength to strength and in 1998 Brian moved from working from home into the industrial estate where … Read More →

QR Codes VS Barcodes

Both QR codes and barcodes enable you to pass on large amounts of data or information in a small, easy to reproduce image. Both offer businesses a way to speed up processes, as well as the opportunity to save on labour and costs. We have great experience when it comes to working with QR codes and barcodes, so we are well able to help you identify the differences, and choose … Read More →